Beery Beerse

It was the opening night of the tour and we were always going to be up for this gig. Me and Dave had spent the previous few days travelling around The Netherlands seeing friends and watching Guns n Roses. While Dempsey, Joel, and Will drove down from Leeds. We arranged to meet the guys in Antwerp City Centre on the day of the first show. Because it’s of traffic we were a little late to the venue. As we arrived the first band were already in full flow. It was going to be a loud energetic night. We set up the merch stall and start to mingle with people. I’m pleased to see so many familiar faces. 

The Sick Boys were the next band up and I was frantically trying to learn the words and the parts to ‘Avenues and Alleyways’ by Rancid. Earlier the guys had asked if I was to join them. I jumped at the chance and it was a great way to close the set. 

Our set was hi-energy from the off. Stand Up, followed by ‘Venus’, ‘Asylum’, and ‘Mental’. The crowd are up for it too. Lots of Yalla Yallas shirts are visible. I particularly loved performing ‘Kaassouffle’ tonight. It’s great to bring it back to the continent. Onstage we were all in a great mood. I was feeling particularly mischievous during ‘Rock n Roll Kid’. I managed to get some of the crowd to strip to their pants which was as always hilarious. But our in band highlight was when I got the crowd to chant “Love your Jorl” at Joel. It was so funny. We finished the set and the crowd wanted more. We decided to play ‘Kaassouffle’ again but this time letting the crowd sing it for us whilst I crowd surfed in my underpants.

After the show we set about watching the other bands. The Rock XXL guys who promoted the show went and got us some food. Sausages and Chips. Lovely. I feel ready for ten more beers. I try watching The All Star Wedding Band but I found myself a little distracted by a real sweet lady. She told me that I remind her of an Alpaca. I even manage to miss Joel singing ‘Country Roads’ with the headline band. I wanted to dance but my heel isn’t holding up too well.

I awoke this morning feeling pretty refreshed. Although I had to find my way back to where the band were staying because I must’ve been led astray at some point. Did anyone notice I was missing? They were all still sleeping when I returned. Could I sneak in unnoticed? Not a chance. Seppe our host had prepared us a lovely breakfast spread. I get stuck in. Then get a shower and the band start to wake up. We get our shit together and now we must pick up Bettie Akkemaai who now joins us for the rest of the tour. Let the good times continue.

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  • De Jef

    De Jef Beerse

    What an excelent night! Lekker Lekker!!

    What an excelent night!
    Lekker Lekker!!

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