Long time, no speak. I’ve not been writing these blogs for a few weeks. I started up these blog posts to focus me on the art of writing. Maybe to see me through a kind of writers block, to help me absorb my experiences of the previous twelve months, to help me remember what happens on tour. It appears to be working. Although I’ve not been writing the blogs. I have been writing songs. A lot of songs. I think in my last post I talked about finalising the track listing to the forthcoming album. You can scrap that list. Whilst on tour in November me and Will picked out 11 or 12 song that would become the next record, We aimed to start work immediately. We was all good to go. Then I wrote a new song, and then another, fifteen or twenty songs later I am here writing to you. We’ve spent the last few weeks learning these new songs and trying them on for size. We even played a brand new song at our recent show in Sowerby Bridge. We called it ‘Venus’. I think six or seven of the brand new songs will fit straight onto the album. The first draft of songs would’ve seen the new release placed firmly into the punk genre. However … these even newer songs take us elsewhere. To places we’ve previously dare not visit. It’s got me thinking about when punks used to like people like Lou Reed, Patti Smith, David Bowie, Joy Division. It wasn’t always about distorted guitars and mohicans. Punk was a mindset, an attitude, an expression and freedom to create. You’re going to get the album that we want to release. I’m not comfortable with simply picking out 12 punk songs. It’s too easy. It’s been done to death. I want to explore. We explored on the Diamond In Dirt album. We think we can deliver something better this time. Something more cohesive. There’s a calm confidence this time around. A belief in the songs. There’s unity. A team spirit. The lads are pushing some of my more braver out there songs to the forefront of the album. I’m trusting their judgement. We’re leaving some big songs behind in favour of these new ideas. I’m nervous but filled with excitement. When we recorded Diamond in Dirt we learnt the songs as we recorded them. This time we are going in fully prepared. We’ve done our research. We’re looking to bands like Bad Brains, Teardrop Explodes, Manu Chao, Fugazi, Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Clash, Guns n Roses. We got the heart and the soul of the record. Yet I don’t know how it’s going to sound. There are no walls and barriers this time.

We head in to the studio in February with no idea what will be Track 1, what will even be the single, whether the single will even be on the album. In truth if we had the budget it could be a double or maybe even a triple album. Anyone feel like sending a couple of grand in our direction?

Keep your eye on this blog for developments. I’ll try and keep you updated as we go along.

Rob x

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