The lovely horse

So last night we did a secret gig in Leeds. So secret in fact there was only like ten people in the room. We decided to call ourselves ‘Lovely Horse’ to pay tribute to popular TV Show Father Ted. We changed a few things around. First I left the traditional Green and Black jumper at home, I wore shoes and socks, and I also played guitar throughout. Knowing we were due in the studio Saturday morning to start work on our new album we decided to book a low-key Friday night gig in order to road test our new material. So we played nine new songs. Mi Corazon, Venus and the Horse, Asylum, Mick McCool, Lake of Fire, Mental, I Want to be Loved, CoExist, and Medusa. The gig went well. It was weird playing guitar. I couldn’t be the usual frontman. We couldn’t even all fit onstage. We were all pretty pleased with the new songs and agreed that they’re all ready to record. After the gig the band decide to get an early night. I opted to stay out and have a few drinks with a girl I know and ended up having a bit of a boogie to the Indie Rock n Roll music being played in the upstairs bar. I got home about midnight and realise that I hadn’t eaten properly all day so I take a pasta bake to bed with me.

I woke up feeling pretty good at around 7am. The band picked me up at around 9. We head to Loom Studios in Birstall where we recorded our second album ‘Diamond in Dirt’. I also recorded my solo album here. I’ve also been here a fair bit recently helping Vince Cayo record his debut album. We load in and set up. Today’s focus is the drums. We can’t do anything until we’ve got the drums sounding top. I write out the track list for the album and we decide that we should aim to track six songs today. There’s quite a discussion about wether we use a click track for the drums or do we play it live. We opt for the live feel. We somehow manage to nail each song within three takes. We easily passed our target of 6 songs. In the end we hit 10 leaving 4 or 5 songs for tomorrow. I can’t believe at how well things have gone. We couldn’t have hoped for a better start. 

I think today we went through

Mi Corazon pt.1, Mi Corazon pt.2, Mentira, Asylum, Mental, Mick McCool, Kaassouffle, CoExist, I Want To Be Loved, Venus and the Horse.

Our hard work at rehearsals had really paid off. Anyway I’m exhausted now and I’m back in the studio in the morning for round 2. Another update tomorrow.

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